Students are registered with Student Nurses Association, India. All curricular and extracurricular activities at district, state and national level are carried out by this association. Students are active members and are elected on various posts by other students of the college. All workshop,seminar, and lectures to empower and built the knowledge base of students are conducted by the Association. The very recent activity of the association are 'workshop on Basic Life Support' , 'seminar on hypnosis' and various other lectures' including disaster management, hospital waste management.

i) The member of the association should not have a previous criminal record, that is to say he or she should not have convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanor.

ii)The candidate shall not be subjected to any disciplinary action by the college authorities due to his misconduct at any time during his course of study.

iii) The candidate should have attained the minimum 80% of attendance throughout the previous and present years of the study in the college.

iv) When the student joins SNA for the first time, in addition to Rs. 100/-­ he/she will need to contribute an extra amount of Rs. 30/- (on time only) for SNA scholarship fund. Hence the total fee for first time is Rs. 130/- per student.

v) The candidates have to pay SNA fund of Rs. 50/- every month. (Amount is subjected to change.)


Promoting an all-round development of the students with special attention to be intellectually enlightened, socially committed, emotionally balanced, & spiritually inspired and morally upright nurses, able to contribute their maximum for the upliftment of the society


  1. To help students to uphold the dignity & ideas of the profession for which they are qualify.
  2. To promote a corporate spirit among students for the common good.
  3. To furnish nurses in training with advice in their courses of study leading to profession qualification.
  4. To encourage leadership quality & help students to gain wide knowledge.
  5. To help the students to increase their social contacts & general knowledge in order to assist them to take their place in the world when they finish their training.
  6. To encourage both professional, social & recreational developments & arrange meetings, games & sports.
  7. To provide a social section in ‘’the nursing journal of india’’, for the benefit of students.
  8. Encourage students to attend national & regional conference.
  9. To help student nurses to develop a co-operative spirit with other student nurses, which will help them in future professional relationship.
  10. To provide a means of having a voice in what the association stand for & means.