Ganpatrao Adke Institute of Nursing is established to develop high quality professional nurses with exemplary professional conduct to render quality nursing care to the individual, community and the nation, adopting themselves to changing technological environment with the highest ethical values.

The code of student conduct is established to foster and protect the mission of the college, to foster the scholarly and civic development of the students in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect people, properties and processes that support the college and its missions.

It is necessary that the college should cultivate higher values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, mutual respect for persons and property, respect for human rights among its students. For achieving this student community should necessarily practice these values and see that the rules envisaged in this code are strictly followed so that their conduct will be in consonance with and supportive of and conductive to the college's main purpose and core values.


It shall be the responsibility of the students

i) To read, become familiar with and adhere to this code and any amendment brought to this code.

ii) To behave and conduct themselves in the college campus, hostels and premises in the dignified and courteous manner and show due respect to the authorities, employees and elders.

iii) To follow decent and formal dressing manners.

iv) To foster and maintain a vibrant academic, intellectual, cultural and social atmosphere which is consistent with the objectives of the college.

v) To access all educational opportunities and benefits available at the college and make good use of them to prosper academically and develop scientific temper.

vi) Strive to develop appropriate work attitudes and habits.

vii) To respect the laws of the country, human rights and to conduct in a responsible and dignified manner at all times.

viii) To respect the cultural and social values nurtured and followed by this country.

ix)To report any violations of this code to the functionaries under this code.

x) To inform the parents' / guardians' about such code of conduct enforced by the college authorities and the parents' / guardians' are expected to cooperate with the college authorities in enforcing the code of conduct for betterment of their wards.

Rules for Examination:

  1. Students involved in any malpractice during any test & examination will be dealt as per the university rules.
  2. Students should have 85% of theory & 95% of clinical attendance before final examination.