Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formulated for action plan for performance evaluation, assesment & accreditation and quality up gradation in Ganpatrao Adke College of nursing. IQAC serve as an effective & efficient internal coordinating & monitoring mechanism. The cell has been diligently involved in helping the administration & other committiees by offering valuable suggestions & measures in order to have consistency in maintaining quality of nursing education.


  • To improve academic & administrative performance of the institution.
  • To monitor quality parameters of college through internal & external audits.
  • To Optimize, integrate & monitor innovative teaching, learning and evaluation methods.
  • To Maintain quality sustenance & enhancement activities throughout academic year
  • To Promote innovative practices related to all aspects of nursing education.
  • To Ensure adequacy, maintenance & functioning of support structures
  • Academic & administrative audit of the university carried out regularly
  • Periodic review of functioning of administrative units
  • Positive response to the students feedback on curriculum, teaching, infrastructure and support services.

Members of IQAC

Chairperson : Dr.Vaishali S Peyyila - Principal, College of Nursing
Management Representative : Mrs. Supriya Morey - Chairperson of SMMPP’s Trust
Teachers :

  1. Mr. Raghvendra N.S - Lecturer, C.H.N, GACN.
  2. Mrs.Ashiya sheikh - Lecturer, OBGY, GACN.
  3. Ms.Anuja Chandane -TUTOR, GACN
  4. Ms.Rohini Dixit - TUTOR, GACN
  5. Ms.Swati Lohakare - TUTOR, GACN

Nominee from Local Society : - Prof. Mrs Manisha Mhaske Principal, KKW College of Nursing
Stakeholders :
  • Mr .Dilip Sawant - Parent representative
  • Ms. Jyoti Gaikwad - Student Representative (UG)

Alumnae : - Mr. Ravi Ingole - Tutor, Government College of nursing, Vashim.
Administrative Staff : - Mr. Prakash Pandya - Programme Coordinator, GACON.
IQAC Coordinator : - Mr. Pravin Gholap - HOD, Mental Health Nursing


As a member of Student Nurses’ Association, I pledge myself to:

i) Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct.

ii) Actively promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within nursing education, the profession of nursing, and the student nurses' association.

iii) Uphold all Bylaws and regulations relating to the student nurses' association at the college, state and national levels, reserving the right to criticize rules and laws constructively, but respecting the rules and laws as long as they prevail.

iv) Strive for excellence in all aspects of decision making and management at all levels of the student nurses' association.

v) Use only legal and ethical principles in all association decisions and activities.

vi) Ensure the proper use of all association funds.

vii)Serve all members of the student nurses' association impartially, provide no special privilege to any individual member, and accept no personal compensation from another member or non-member.

viii)Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted or known to me by virtue of an elected or appointed position in the association.

ix) Refuse to engage in, or condone, discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, citizenship, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

x) Refrain from any form of cheating or dishonesty, and take action to report dishonorable practices to proper authorities using established channels.

xi) Always communicate internal and external association statements in a truthful and accurate manner by ensuring that there is integrity in the data and information used by the student nurses' association.

xii) Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with association volunteers and staff, and work with them in the advocacy of student rights and responsibilities and the advancement of the profession of nursing.

xiii) Use every opportunity to improve faculty understanding of the role of the student nurses association.

xvi) Use every opportunity to raise awareness of the student nurses' association's mission, purpose, and goals at the college level.

xvii) Promote and encourage entering nursing students to join and become active in SNA.

xviii) Promote and encourage graduating seniors to continue their involvement by joining professional nurses' associations i.e. Trained Nurses Association of India (T.N.A.I.) upon licensure as Registered Nurses.